Zerofootprint Challenge for students and schools

Zerofootprint, an organization that seeks to achieve massive reductions in carbon emissions, and a client of Usability Matters, has launched the Zerofootprint Challenge for students and schools. “Is your school green? Prove it.”

A few months ago, students from Simcoe County came to Zerofootprint to learn about climate change. Zerofootprint gave them a hands-on assignment – to measure the carbon footprint of their school. In just a few days, they had collected the necessary data for ten local schools and had begun learning how buildings and energy are connected to climate change.

That visit sparked an idea – what if Zerofootprint could extend that experience to students and schools across Canada? Can students learn how their schools contribute to carbon emissions and, by challenging other schools, achieve reductions?

Much of the software and data visualization infrastructure used for the challenge was already in place from work that Usability Matters did with Zerofootprint on its VELO product, which helps corporations track their carbon emissions.

Check it out. Perhaps your child will take the challenge too. Editor’s note: this program is now closed.