The UX Files: Wearables, Responsive, and the role of Mobile

We’re all a-buzz this month for the UX Files with so much going on!

Brands and retailers begin to think about how Google Glass can be used to connect with customers. The general attitude is that UX must come first, given that screen space is at a premium.

Meanwhile, companies continue to design with responsive user interfaces: more and more consumers are researching retail stores before visiting them. Many consumers are actually purchasing from their mobile devices, and as a result ecommerce sites are fully embracing the benefits of responsive design.

Ecommerce sites are not the only ones with mobile on their mind this month: Telus Ventures has just invested $3 million dollars in a mobile platform for caregiver communication, and the New York Times is taking steps to become a “mobile-first news operation” with the upcoming launch of their NYT Now app.

Ok, enough about mobile – let’s talk about your eyes. You can spare your eyes some pain with f.lux, a program that automatically dims your screen according to the time of day (bluer in the morning, redder at night). They’ve just launched their new beta version, so check it out!

One final note: GOV.UK is back in the news, this time for their adherence to usability design principles!