UX Files: The Omnichannel Experience

This month in UX Files, we’re exploring three ways retailers can provide memorable experiences across multiple touchpoints.

Provide better customer service

Interestingly, a great customer experience for Millennials means enabling customers to quickly resolve issues or answer questions on their own through a company’s digital channels.

Here are five ways the CMO can ensure the right experience is delivered at each touchpoint.

Enhance the in-store experience

According to Forrester analyst Adam Silverman, retailers that leverage technology to improve customer service and drive convenience in-store will grow faster than those who don’t.

Many retailers provide a great in-store and online experience – separately. Retailers need to cross promote in-store and online offerings to create an integrated shopping experience.

Tailor offerings to each customer

To provide personalized content effectively, retailers need to make sure they consider what personalization looks like in the context of their organization and some expectations their target customers have.

In order to deliver a truly memorable and personal experience, content needs to adapt not just to each customer, but also to each channel.

Personalization has big benefits, but retailers need to make sure they’re prepared in order to provide a seamless omnichannel experience.

That’s it for this month in retail – now go out there and make that omnichannel experience work for your customers!