UX Files: The Logistics Industry and Technology

Online retailers rely on a solid logistics network to deliver goods on time and on budget around the world.

Retailers are spending huge sums of money to develop same day capabilities when what customers really want are choices.

Customers also want full transparency when it comes to the status of their order, which is a huge challenge for logistics providers.

Robots are being developed, and in some organizations already in use, as a solution to help streamline certain areas, such as in the warehouse.

Enterprises large and small rely on software for various purposes such as tracking inventory or locating shipments. Software must be mobile friendly to ensure employees and clients at all levels can access critical information as soon as they need it.

In the past, the Logistics industry was not easy to break into. Some innovative startups are applying contemporary business models such as SaaS (software as a service).

We like how some companies are leveraging existing technologies to fill the gaps large enterprises are unable to address and in some cases offer services to a wider, often consumer audience.