UX Files: Personas help redirect the design focus

The UX Files

Personas provide critical insight into your target users so you can design the best experiences for them.

Personas should be as reflective as possible of your real users. Consider predictive personas – they are iterative and let you design to meet the needs of current and future users.

Well-crafted personas can help you design personalized, relevant experiences.

Big data can be helpful in understanding your audience, but don’t underestimate the human perspective essential to user experience design.

Designers aren’t the only ones who benefit from personas. They’re a great tool for copywriters as well.

Used widely in the user experience design process, personas are also a fantastic tool for service design projects.

This article in Smashing Mag provides an in-depth guide to evaluating a mobile user experience, including how to create and apply personas in that process.

As always, user research and personas help redirect the design focus to GENUINE user needs, rather than feature checklists. Let us know what you think.