UX Files: mHealth needs (good) design

In this month’s UX Files, we look at how good design can ensure engaging and effective digital products in the healthcare space.

The rise of mHealth products is changing healthcare, for the better. For example, here are 5 great benefits to patient engagement.

Before you get started, make sure you consider these “must-have” elements to ensure your your mHealth product is useful and usable.

We know it’s true, and Healthcare Human Factors agrees: user-centred design is critical when designing consumer health apps, according to this report (PDF).

To design a truly engaging medical app, you need to reach beyond standard UX best practices, so consider these 9 UX principles to help you develop a better mHealth product.

Sometimes it’s the small interactions that matter. According to this study, simple reminders via text message are effective in helping patients remember to take their medication.

The Urban Mind Project hopes to improve mental health and wellbeing through urban design that’s informed by user insights captured through their app.

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