UX Files: B2B meets UX

We’ve rounded up some articles that show how B2B products can be beautiful, usable, and highly functional.

There are two fundamental reasons why B2B products can no longer get away with providing a terrible user experience.

Here’s why companies should care about providing user friendly B2B software.

These 10 examples of a great user experience in B2B software prove usability doesn’t mean sacrificing features or function.

Thinking of improving your B2B product? Keep in mind these 6 key differences between B2B and B2C usability needs and constraints.

There are some obvious differences, but you can learn a lot from B2C user experience practices to provide a tool your employees love to use!

Even the traditional way of selling B2B software is moving towards a more B2C model. Thanks to digital channels and free trials, potential customers or end-users can actually try a new product and make strong recommendations to key decision makers.