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For UX researchers and designers, this can be an incredible tool to empathize with and further understand your user group.
Lessons learned from years of usability testing experience.
I got together with Mira and Andrew, who answered your questions about UX research.
Join us February 1 for our first Ask Us Anything of 2017, where we answer your questions on incorporating user research into your organization.
Are focus groups user research or market research? What’s the difference?
After attending this course, you’ll have a firm grasp on different kinds of usability testing, what goes into planning and executing a usability test.
Here are a few tools and tips from our blog to inspire you to keep designing great experiences.
The site will showcase books and short films about Canadian survivors of the Holocaust, along with Azrieli Foundation news, events and resources.
By completing a card sort with stakeholders, it can help you (and them!) decide what’s really important.
Originating in the mid-nineties in the non-profit sector, the World Café research technique has incredible benefits for many organizations. Learn why.