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For UX researchers and designers, this can be an incredible tool to empathize with and further understand your user group.
Join us February 1 for our first Ask Us Anything of 2017, where we answer your questions on incorporating user research into your organization.
Are focus groups user research or market research? What’s the difference?
You and your team have spent significant amounts of time and effort to build something you hope will achieve the goals you’ve outlined.
Three thought leaders discuss some of the ways they address UX strategy in their organizations.
Here are a few tools and tips from our blog to inspire you to keep designing great experiences.
A chance to get some hands-on training on how to do your own usability testing.
Designers Linnea Vizard and Heather Moore's presentation at #a11yTO Meetup. Check it out!
3 key things we learned about technology and the transit experience from a diverse group of US and Canadian users.
It's always valuable to measure ease of use and how people feel about your technology.