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Here’s a few interesting tech, design, and UX articles we’ve come across so far this March.
The Lead Interaction Designer at 3M Healthcare shares his learnings on building a UX strategy
Let’s take a look at three key ways that UX can benefit enterprise.
Personas provide critical insight into your target users so you can design the best experiences for them.
Here are a few tools and tips from our blog to inspire you to keep designing great experiences.
Terry and Steven answered your UX research questions live!
How you can involve users in the design process through A/B testing.
A chance to get some hands-on training on how to do your own usability testing.
Designers Linnea Vizard and Heather Moore's presentation at #a11yTO Meetup. Check it out!
3 key things we learned about technology and the transit experience from a diverse group of US and Canadian users.