Ride For Heart – Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who supported our corporate team in this year’s Ride for Heart!

What a great ride and a fantastic event this year. Despite a bit of rain it was a glorious day to be out riding. We had a few setbacks: Simon didn’t make it onto the highway before getting a flat, and Shannah had to rush to get her helmet on and out the gate before the corporate cut-off — but what’s an event without a few hitches.

It’s not only a fun event, but a really personal one for many of the riders who have been touched by heart disease in different ways. There were many emotional moments — seeing “I’m riding for” signs on rider’s backs, seeing the signs at the finish line, and watching a young boy doggedly working his way to the end of the 25 kilometer race on his training wheels. Yes, training wheels.

A big congratulations  to all the winners of our  2013 #HeartStrong challenge. Stealthy navigation through the www.usabilitymatters.com website led these fine competitors to find the five secret bikes and raise $50 each towards the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Ride For Heart Campaign! Together we donated $500 to this great cause on top of the rest of our corporate challenge donations.

Thank you to the following #HeartStrong participants:

•    Andy Zarzycki @azarzycki
•    Lica Vuu @Poshbites
•    Nadia Formigoni @Nformigoni
•    Brian Weldon @brianweldon1
•    Reena Kudhail @ReenaKudhail
•    Stella Crampton @stellacrampton
•    Greg Burrell @ivanvector
•    Heather Moore @iamheathermoore
•    Arianne de Guzman @TheGlitterGeek
•    Steve Shikaze @steveshik

You can visit HSF here and RFH here for more information about the Ride for Heart event.  Thanks to Heart and Stroke Foundation for a spectacular day – see you again next year!