Outdoor Fun? We’re in!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the outdoors a little more this month compared others. Not solely because it’s warming up, but to support the great initiative being led by The David Suzuki Foundation called the 30×30 Nature Challenge. The foundation is challenging Canadians to commit to spending 30 minutes in nature each day for 30 days, starting on May 1, 2013. We heard about it initially back in March when leaders Jode Roberts and Chris DePaul reached out to the community asking for digital media plan assistance. We jumped at the chance to help this great cause. Instead of just building the digital media plan we surprised them with a website! We recently spoke with Jode and he told us the following:

“Usability Matters generously donated their time and resources to create a social media plan and build a website for our 30×30 Nature Challenge — and they did for free! This allowed us to provide our community with dynamic content, host a photo competition and get valuable survey feedback. We are grateful for their support and enthusiasm.”

We’re thrilled to give back to the community while doing something we love – building great user-friendly websites!