UX Files: Mobile Metrics You Need To Know

It turns out we’re spending 21% more time with apps.

Are you planning on launching an app? Here are few easy reads we pulled together to help you understand what metrics you need to consider, what it means for designers, understanding the needs of the user, and industries that are winning and struggling.


Metrics are always very important. Forrester shares their 4 metrics and how to measure them.

A contributor at Entrepreneur shares 3 metrics you need to measure for a successful app.

The folks at Mashable summarize Mobile KPIs that should be addressed while considering the goals and the industry vertical.


The visual element is important too. As you design your app, consider these mobile design metrics.

Here’s another one for designers: as you move to mobile, the rules and concepts change.


Metrics are important, but we also need to think about the mobile user experience, which is a key pointer to success.


Mobile phones and tablets currently represent a significant presence in people’s everyday lives. They enable access to different information and services independent of current place and time. Such widespread connectivity offers significant potential in different app areas including health care, travel and retail.

Travel and Hospitality

is seeing a huge growth, especially as travellers are increasingly using mobile when booking.  In short, the Omni-channel experience needs to be fluid.

Healthcare Apps

are growing rapidly. Their scope is growing and connected healthcare sales continue to grow. This study by Juniper shares some compelling numbers.

While travel and healthcare are seeing growth in mobile, retail is struggling.

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