Memories of Fluxible 2015

Etch A Sketch at Fluxible 2015

What a weekend at Fluxible 2015!

The delightful little details made this one of the best-executed conferences I’ve attended yet! From handwritten reminders to customized eco-friendly water bottles to thoughtful food accommodations, it was the little things that made each attendee felt truly welcome.

The conference, held in Kitchener, had an amazing local vibe to it. Attendees seemed to come mainly from internal UX teams from the GTA and Kitchener/Waterloo area, which gave the event a close-knit, friendly, community feel. However, this conference attracts some big names from the UX world such as Steve Portigal, Lou Rosenfeld, and Stephen Anderson.

The content was solid UX fare. I noticed many of the presentations had a strong focus on communicating design, storytelling, design thinking, and creating a process around design, which are critical skills for all design professionals, and especially for those internal UXers who may be evangelizing their value within an organization.

Stephen Anderson had good insight to share on the importance of attention to detail and quality, which I enjoyed because this is what we strive for in our work at UM. He explored what it means to be a design-driven company and how businesses can live the values they create.

Kudos to Anderson for referencing a product called NeuBible, a “distraction-free” Bible app and one of the few religious artefacts I’ve seen presented in a design context.

Conference attendees got to turn a design lens upon themselves during Lou Rosenfeld’s presentation. We were encouraged to develop brief personal brand statements to describe what we’re all about and what we wish to convey to the world. Mine was “Proud to make good contributions to the people and things around me!”

The “Three Fates: Weaving Research into a Product’s Destiny” session presented by Janice de Jong, Julia Thompson, and Susan Simon Daniels was one of my favourites, because the format was very clever and engaging, and a great example of communicating design processes in an interesting way. The speakers drew from Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, the three fates in Greek mythology, to describe the 3 phases of the UX research process: trend research, concept exploration, and usability research.

All in all, I had a blast at Fluxible! The conference really does live up to its reputation as a friendly UX party disguised as a conference. I hope to see everyone there again next year.