Happy World Usability Day

It's World Usability Day

In honour of World Usability Day, here are a few tools and tips from our blog to inspire you to keep designing great experiences.

Thinking about running some usability testing? Want to know the difference between formal, informal, and remote testing? We’ve got you covered with an intro to usability testing and the pros and cons of various methods.

We love a handy-dandy checklist, so we made one to help you run a smooth and efficient usability test. Get our usability testing checklist here.

For designers, no matter the industry, user research is vital to the success of any project. In our recent webinar, we discussed research methods you should consider during the design phase.

You can listen to the recording, or download this tool to assess which research method to use
and when.

Since accessibility and usability run hand-in-hand, it’s important to understand the basics of how to make your product accessible.

This might include:

  • Improving colour contrast
  • Making links distinguishable
  • Providing good control for multimedia format

Heather’s recent post can help you master these 3 basic accessibility principles.

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