Gifts for User Experience Geeks

At Usability Matters, we’re all loving Nick Finck‘s awesome list of Gifts for User Experience Geeks.

To the outsider (e.g. Mom, Grandma, Cousin Bob) it’s easy to pass off our profession as “cool”. But those of us in the industry know it’s all about geeking out.

Our favourites from his list include:

  • Mental Notes ($33)
    Stephen P. Anderson gave out samples of his brainstorming cards at IDEA 2009, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the full deck!
  • Helvetica DVD and/or Posters ($20)
    Sure, Objectified was fun, but Helvetica rocked our socks.
  • Expo Low Odour Dry Erase Markers ($5.39)
    There is nothing less conducive to brainstorming than stinky markers. It’s tough to decide whether the purposefully scented ones (chocolate mint, strawberry) are better or worse than the regular chemical ones! Low odour all the way.
  • Factory Floor Issue Longhand Set ($20)
    We love the old-school industrial, honest, basic feeling of this set. It makes us want to grab a mug of joe and get busy drawing!
  • Dot Grid Book ($14)
    Who wants blue lines muddling up their designs? Dots would give an underlying order and pattern without boxing us in too much.
  • Bluelounge CableDrop Cable Holder ($9.95)
    An elegant solution to our never-ending cable woes!

We’d also like to propose a couple additions to the list:

  • Konigi Wireframe Magnets (FREE!)
    One of these days we’ll get around to making up a lovely set of these magnets. For now we’ll just sit back and admire the creativity of those folks over at Konigi.
  • Pouch Tea Mug ($9.95)
    As a tea-loving group, we instinctively appreciated this innovative solution to the problem of where to put used teabags. Indeed, the design seems awesome on the surface, but we still have a nagging worry about wet laps. This one will need some user testing before it gets final approval.