UX Design Tools

Over the years, Usability Matters has developed and evolved a series of tools to inform strategy, research and design projects.

If you’re strategically assessing the viability of an app or designing that app for the healthcare environment (or other), then you should give these downloadable tools a try.

Our User Experience Designers handed them out to teams during the Hacking Health Design Challenge of 2015!

The project model canvas is a tool we use to transform our strategy and research activities into a clearly defined project plan.

Project Model Canvas template (PDF)

The user journey map tells the story of the users’ experience.

It helps you understand the context of users and will help you gain a clearer picture of where the user has come from and what they are trying to achieve.

User Journey Map template (PDF)

The usability testing checklist will help you clarify and validate your design decisions with real users.

Usability Testing Checklist (PDF)


Here are the slides from the workshop we hosted at Hacking Health: