Ask Us Anything: Building a culture of research

Ask us Anything: Building a culture of Research

User research is always valuable, and ideally it’s done not just once, but on an ongoing basis throughout the life of a product. Too often, user research is considered an optional, expensive add-on, but with the right methods and proper preparation, you can make gathering user insights a regular part of your design process.

On February 1 we had our first Ask Us Anything of 2017, where we answered your questions on incorporating user research into your organization. UX Designer Andrew Rajaram and Design Director Mira Risek have helped digital design teams add user research to their toolkits, and they were on hand to answer all your research related questions.

We’ll cover topics like…

  • How to get build buy-in for UX research
  • Small ways to start including research right away
  • Examples of how we’ve helped clients build a research practice

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