3 Hot Topics for UX in 2015


As mobile becomes a bigger part of our lives (holiday sales via mobile devices up over 20%), the importance of conducting usability testing on mobile devices will become a mainstay of testing methodology. As more users engage with businesses using their mobile devices, the need for businesses to test and optimize the mobile user experience will require increasing amounts of iterative usability testing.

Universal Design

A topic that should never be forgotten. As designers of online systems, content and experiences, we need to be aware of what it means to be on the other end of our designs – for our older audiences, and for ourselves as our abilities change. Aging is a global issue from which no one is exempt.

What does this mean? Our community is faced with some interesting challenges as more people move online and onto mobile devices and essential services are delivered through these online channels.

Today, 59% of seniors report they go online – a six-percentage point increase from the previous year. (source: PEW Older adults and internet use). This also impacts the retail industry with increasing demand for accessible retail sites from the aging population (including cashed-up baby boomers).

Service Design

Service design is something that many are still struggling to understand. There’s been a lot of focus on product innovation over the years, but very little discussion or thought on innovation in regards to the entire customer experience. A positive experience doesn’t happen by chance: it must be designed.

We’re seeing service design innovation examples with healthcare organizations such as the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. Both have become world-famous for their fresh approach to healthcare. Both have succeeded in part by challenging the traditional model of medicine. If you call the Cleveland Clinic today you’ll hear a mind-blowing greeting: “thank you for calling Cleveland Clinic. Would you like to be seen today?”.

I hope that 2015 will be the year that organizations recognize that they need to constantly improve and reinvent the way services are delivered to make sure they delight rather than disappoint customers.