Web chat: practical service design

Practical Service Design Web Chat

We developed the Service Design Heuristics Field Guide as a tool to help anyone, from designers to product managers, better evaluate their service offering. Two service designers from California have been using the Heuristics booklet and will be joining us on Thursday, June 9 at 1pm EDT to share how they’ve been applying them. Along with Shannah Segal, Co-Founder and Lead Service Designer from Usability Matters, we’ll be chatting with:

Megan Miller, Senior Service Designer at Stanford University’s central IT organization

Erik Flowers, Principal Service Experience Designer at Intuit

Megan and Erik are also co-founders of Practical Service Design, an online resource and community for service designers around the world.

Send us any questions you have for Megan, Erik, and Shannah in advance via Twitter (@umatters) or email (louise@usabilitymatters.com), and be sure to join us for the live online session!

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