We love workshops: Ryerson Adapt program

Each group had a slightly different approach to their movie app design

Usability Matters has run several workshops at Ryerson University as part of their Adapt program. This program is designed to help current and recent students gain hands-on training to build on their professional and digital skills. Most recently, we ran a session on best practices for writing content for the web, and one on user experience design and prototyping.

Content Defender: web content best practices

Content Defender is a game we developed to use in workshops with our clients who are looking to improve their written web content. In the workshop, led by Mira and Steven, students learned the basics of web content best practices and applied this knowledge in a fun group activity where they put the Content Defender to work.

Mira and Steven began the workshop by presenting key best practices for writing for the web Students dove into Content Defender to analyze and improve a piece of content. Students working through the Content Defender activity

Prototyping and UX design basics

The second workshop, led by Karri, Sarah, and Mel, gave an overview of the whole UX design process and gave students an idea of what the work of a UX designer is like.

We then led a fun design activity where students created their own prototypes, which they then tested with other students.

This group started off doing some sketching Group of students prototyping a fictional movie app Another group prototyping Each group had a slightly different approach to their movie app design