UX Files: February 2017

UX Files: UX links

Here’s a roundup of some useful UX tips and guides we’ve come across so far in February.

Having an appropriate onboarding experience for your product is critical. Make sure the experience is helpful, not annoying, by working with this onboarding framework.

The products you design are user friendly, so why not apply that same user-first approach to deliverables and other documents? Here’s how to sketch out and test common UX deliverables.

Speaking of design deliverables, there’s no better time to get your style guide up to date. It’s no longer just about typefaces and color palettes.

Thinking about refreshing your UX portfolio? Check out these key ingredients found in a great user experience portfolio.

Financial services (and their users!) have specific business needs and requirements when it comes to their digital products. Here’s a guide to conducting user research for financial services companies that takes those into account.

Virtual reality (or VR), is coming up quickly in the tech and design world. It can be hard to know where to start with designing for this new technology, so start with this guide to VR interface design.

That’s it for this month. What interesting UX articles have you come across recently? Share with us on Twitter!