Usability Testing Workshop

Usability Testing Workshop

Have you ever wondered if you can do your own user testing? Do you know where to start? What questions you should or shouldn’t be asking your participants? What tools you need to ensure things run smoothly?

Usability testing is a critical piece of the UX toolkit. You need to know how your users are interacting with your digital product so that you can design the experience that best suits their needs and expectations.

During this workshop, a repeat from last year, will provide you with the basic steps of the usability testing process so that you will know how to run your own tests in the future!

When: Wednesday, November 11 from 3-6pm
Where: Design Exchange, 234 Bay Street, Toronto M5K 1B2

We’ll cover:

  • How to prepare for user testing
  • How to ensure you have established the correct objectives
  • Different methods you can use based on your budget or goals
  • Tools and software you can access to help make testing easier
  • How to analyze and report your findings

Hope to see you at the Design Exchange!