Try our new tools to prototype with data in Axure

Recently, we walked viewers through some innovative tools Usability Matters built to help remove the pain involved in creating high-fidelity prototypes.


Instantly generate convincing placeholder content within your prototypes.

“Give me 15 random userpics, each with their own unique names and professions. I also want five entertainment headlines from and three pictures of cats!”

Generator makes it possible to auto-populate your designs with everything from keyword-defined photography to userpics to news headlines, phone numbers, names and more.

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An external database/CMS solution for Axure.

“Show me the covers and titles of 25 hardcover books in the catalogue published before 2007 that contain more than 400 pages.”

Use Google Sheets as a content management system to load your projects with real data and imagery that can be searched, paginated and filtered using this library’s widgets.

Auto-populate Axure components or entire pages with information stored in a format that’s easy to edit and accessible to all collaborators.

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In addition to the tools described above, we’ve also created Validator, a tool for Axure that automates the validation of forms in your prototypes. Download it here.