Practical service design

Practical Service Design Web Chat with Erik Flowers, Shannah Segal, and Megan Miller

Even though service design is starting to gain real traction in organizations large and small, it’s still not as widely known outside of the design community as related design disciplines such as user experience, or customer experience design. Because service design in its current form is so new (at least in North America!) it can be hard to understand, what service design looks like and how it’s practiced in organizations today.

To get a view into service design in real life, we chatted with Megan Miller and Erik Flowers, two service designers leading internal teams and working with many stakeholder groups in large organizations. Megan is the Senior Service Designer at Stanford University’s IT department, and Erik is the Principal Service Experience Designer at Intuit.

Megan and Erik are also co-founders of Practical Service Design, an online community and resource. Check out the community Slack channel that connects service designers around the world and their practical guide to service blueprinting.

You can find the recording in our Resources section.