Live demo: two Axure plugins to energize your prototypes

Energize your prototypes. Preview our groundbreaking new tools for Axure

On October 19th, join Andrew Emond from Usability Matters as he demonstrates two innovative new tools we built for Axure that will save time and breathe life into your prototypes.


“Give me 15 random userpics, each with their own unique names and professions. I also want five entertainment headlines from and three pictures of cats!”

See how to take your prototypes to the next level with widgets that generate realistic placeholder content.

Generator makes it possible to auto-populate your designs with everything from keyword-defined photography to user pics to news headlines, phone numbers, names and more.


“Show me the covers and titles of 25 hardcover books in the catalogue published before 2007 that contain more than 400 pages.”

Ever wish you could use information stored in a database to bring real content into Axure prototypes? Connector uses Google Sheets as a content management system to load your projects with real, live data and imagery.

Learn how to auto-populate Axure components or entire templates with information stored in a format that’s easy to edit and accessible to all collaborators.