Intro to UX Design: Principles and Practice

UMU UX training inspired by practice

As digital products become more and more pervasive in the everyday lives of people, it’s increasingly vital for product designers and developers to keep users – their needs and goals – at the forefront of design thinking. This course will introduce you to the principles and practices of user experience (UX) design.

After attending this course, you will be equipped with an understanding of UX design for digital products, across devices and platforms. This introductory course is an ideal direction-setter for further study of UX design practices and areas of specialization.

Key topics include:

  • Key benefits and foundations of user-centred design (UCD)
  • Definitions of usability, usefulness, user experience
  • Evolution of UCD and UX design as a discipline
  • Framing user needs as critical to achieving business goals
  • How to understand user behaviour and design to support it
  • Key principles of good UX design and how to identify it
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • How to incorporate user research

This course is perfect for:

  • Graphic or print designers exploring UX design practice
  • Digital designers expanding their expertise into UX design
  • Digital developers who want to better understand user-centred design
  • Managers tasked with incorporating UX considerations into their teams, or with evaluating UX vendors or candidates

This UMU course assumes little or no understanding of user experience principles and practices. There are no prerequisites and beginners are welcome!



Introducing UMU: user experience design training inspired by practice.

Digital interactions are an integral part of our workplaces and daily lives. Regardless of your industry or role, you can benefit from a better understanding of user experience, or UX. UX design is the practice of creating pleasurable, productive and rewarding interactions through digital channels such as websites, apps, kiosks, software and wearable devices. Today, implementing a good user experience also means expanding beyond the digital and into other service touchpoints like printed material, interactive telephone systems, and in-person exchanges.

Usability Matters has provided user experience research, strategy and design services to hundreds of organizations across dozens of industry verticals. Our 15 years of expertise in the field positions us to deliver targeted training, informed and inspired by real-world practice. We invite you to join our active designers in one or more UMU courses, or to contact us to arrange custom corporate training, tailored to your team and your specific needs!