UX Files: good UX gives you the edge

The UX Files

Why should you invest in good user experience? There are many benefits to user-centered design.

Human Factors International provides a set of tools to help calculate what your current ROI for UX is, and where you can improve.

User Testing provides 3 practical reasons for improving UX and gaining that competitive advantage.

Performing a usability evaluation of your competitor’s sites can be helpful in determining what might, and might not, work for your site even before you begin designing.

Many products are now similar, or cannot compete on price. Customer and user experience in product use and service delivery are the differentiating factors.

Competitive benchmark studies can help you understand how you compare, and find opportunities your competitors are missing.

Has UX helped you stay ahead of your competition? Or as a user, have you ever chosen one product or service over another because of the experience? We want to hear your story! Share in the comments below, or join the conversation on Twitter (@umatters).