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As a recent grad and newcomer to the field of design, my first year out of school has continued to be full of challenges and surprises.
Making your digital product accessible benefits everyone.
The Lead Interaction Designer at 3M Healthcare shares his learnings on building a UX strategy
Three thought leaders discuss some of the ways they address UX strategy in their organizations.
Two fascinating presentations on design work with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Meeting Place in Toronto
Many people fear that accessible design means clunky, boxy, and boring. In this post, we prove that accessible design is also beautiful.
The Canadian chapter of the Global Service Design Network hosted its first event: the transit Service Safari!
This year, the global conference organized by the Interaction Design Association took place in Helsinki, exploring the theme ‘What’s next?’
How User Experience, Customer Experience, and Service Design can address business challenges
With unmoderated remote tests, you can skip travel and run multiple tests at once, but planning and analyzing the sessions takes time.