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Here’s a few interesting tech, design, and UX articles we’ve come across so far this March.
Lessons learned from years of usability testing experience.
Booking travel is often a stressful experience. Here’s how we’ve helped our airline clients reduce that stress through UX research and design.
Some interesting UX links we’ve come across so far this February
I got together with Mira and Andrew, who answered your questions about UX research.
It seems like just yesterday Terry and I went to the Big Apple to set up our office…
Join us February 1 for our first Ask Us Anything of 2017, where we answer your questions on incorporating user research into your organization.
3 UX design trends that are worth diving into further.
A round up of interesting, informative links we’ve come across this month.
By knowing the values and limitations of the persona(s) you’re using, you can get the best value and insights to support your UX design process.