Ask us Anything: building your UX team wrap up

Ask us Anything: building a UX team

In our most recent Ask us Anything session, Terry and Steven answered your questions on hiring and managing UX teams. We got lots of great questions such as…

How can you design for a great UX in agile environment, given you don’t have a full picture up front?

Career progression often comes as a question in interviews. What are some common career paths and some more non-common ones that you’ve seen?

What are your thoughts on hybrid UX roles? When do they work best and what are the pitfalls around them?

How would you build a successful UX research team?

If you are an inexperienced hiring manager, how do you determine what salary range a certain role should receive?

Watch the recording of the session to find out the answers. Do you have questions around hiring for UX? We’d love to hear them. Get in touch with us via email.